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I understand that looking the perfect piece of artwork can be challenging. You like this piece but it's not the right colour. You like that piece but it's not the right size.  You like that piece but it won't go with the furniture. 

So you've been looking for a long time but have yet to find the right piece.  That's where I can help. I'm really happy to work with you to identify your favourite colour palette, understand where you hope to hang your finished piece but most importantly I want to learn a little bit about you and what feeling or emotion that you want your artwork to convey. 

That's exactly what happened when I worked with Debbie to help her  commission artwork for her home office.  After a number of email communications we meet on Zoom, she explained what she was looking for  and showed me the room where she was looking to hang the finished work. 

And here is a photo of the finished work proudly displayed on her office wall. 

This is what she said about her experience of working with me.

"I recently purchased artwork from Louise. I'd been following her work online for 6-12 months. I saw something that I really liked, but the colors didn't quite fit with color scheme in my office. After sending Louise pictures of my space - color scheme and dimensions, she designed a 3-part "series" that perfectly fit and worked. The process was smooth and hassle free. Louise told me what size prints to order based on my space and gave me a few ideas for framing. She sent the prints to Israel, where I live and they arrived within a couple of weeks. If you're looking for artwork that's custom made for your walls and tailor made to your specifications, you've got to reach out to Louise. She gets you, gets art, and gets your artistic needs." 

 If you would like to work with me to create a special piece for your home please send me a message and I'll be happy to talk you through the process.




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