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Artist Bio

My artist journey truly began as a small flicker, a spark of imagination and possibility, whilst visiting a student art exhibition that perhaps I might be able to do what they were doing. What followed was a period of unbridled joy and happiness when I took time out to study Art and Creativity at The Learning Connexion Art School in Wellington, New Zealand, 2012-2014. 

On returning to the UK I have played with developing my Artistic Practice but lacked the determination and self-belief to turn thoughts into action. 

It has only been recently during the Global pandemic that I gave myself permission to unlock my true artist potential. 

I have recently relocated to Ellesmere, Shropshire, UK and in doing so upgraded my art studio from my dining room table to a whole room dedicated to my art. It feels fabulous! It here now, overlooking my beautiful garden filled with wildlife that I create innovative artworks that draw on the idea that simple motifs can be transformed into complex artworks with the underlying theme, "Together We are Powerful".

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