Art Installations

Art Installations have always held a huge fascination for me so it's been a really proud moment for me to step into the world of installation art.

The Colourist Cupboard

The Colourist Cupboard was born as a response to the Blackberry Fair's desire to us art to convey the environmental conscience messages about how we can make changes to our lifestyles to reduce plastic waste and better care for the environment. 

The Colourist Cupboard highlights and elevates the the simple beauty of the humble glass milk bottle. The glass milk bottle has been in circulation for hundreds of years and for many years  was the dominant method of packaging bottle for households.  In fact in 1974 94% of the UK population received their milk in glass bottles but by 2012 the figure stood at only 4%. 

It is my hope that my installation piece will promote people to think about their purchasing habits and consider returning their local milk man and glass milk bottles.

Great in the Day But Transformed at Night

The Colourist Cabinet looks great in the day as the glass bottles proudly display their beautiful colours but at night they are transformed by the introduction of phased LED lighting, check out the video to get an idea of the full effect.